Entry #108

Favorite Lovecraft Writings?

2012-12-04 01:00:00 by war-spawn

I'm working on a Hip-Hop song based off H.P. Lovecraft literature, and I'm indecisive on which of his works I should reference in this project. Drop a comment telling me your favorite work from him, and why you enjoyed it so much. The more feed back I have, the better I could make this song.


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2012-12-04 01:30:32

"The Color from Out of Space"

The first time I read this story, it got under my skin to such a degree that even though I was reading it in public during broad daylight, it still scared me for days. Lovecraft certainly had a way with turning the imagination of the reader against them.

war-spawn responds:

Cool, that sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the input.


2012-12-04 01:44:27

indefinantly The Music of Erich Zann, it is my favorite of all his works, i love it so much because of how vivid it is, it makes you feel as if your right there.

war-spawn responds:

i'll be sure to check that out.


2012-12-04 02:38:13

at the moutains of madness or the case of charles dexter ward.


2012-12-04 03:16:05

Of the few i read the only one i didn't hate was At The Mountains Of Madness.


2012-12-04 03:17:13

The Dream-Quest of Unkown Kadath


2012-12-04 05:38:23

The Dreams in the Witch-house tickled my imagination greatly. Something about the ungodly mathematical corners in the architecture that caused me to look at buildings in a new way. And, also seconding the music of Erich Zann.


2012-12-04 05:47:28

The Rats in the Walls - Not quite typical for Lovecraft but it's rly some epic horror.


2012-12-04 07:38:17

I can never get enough of Herbert West - Reanimator, The Music of Eric Zahn, or Pickman's Model.


2012-12-04 16:27:30

I learned the art of rhyme from gangster ass cucumbers from outerspace.
Who ruled the old world til their slaves put 'em in their place.
If you see a Shoggoth comin' don't bother to say grace, cause those foo's are older than Jesus son. Uhh.
Yo Cthulhu won't take over the Earth he'll just take it.
And where the globe's goin, none of you wankster's will make it.
Azathoth's like "where'd you put Europe son?" and Cthulhu's like "I ate it."
And Azathoth's like "oh."

Damn I could do that all day.
I'd recommend "at the Mountain's of Madness", or "Under the pyramids" That one's cold cause it's supposed to be written by Houdini.
It could be cool to quote the Necronomicon to. Are you posting the song when it's done? I've never heard a Lovecraft Hip Hop song.


2012-12-04 16:29:00

I meant to say (that one's "cool" cause it's supposed to be written by Houdini.) Sorry I can't spell:)


2012-12-05 10:00:23

Cthulhu. That's all.