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This is the biggest group of people that I want to have secks with. You audio people make me squee. Good tiems ya?!

Rig responds:



As a Pro Smasher, I'd have to say this is a well put video. Yeah the knee is hax, but a simple dodge can easily redeem when in FD. Also, the fact that Falcon is extremely fast also works as a disadvantage when using the knee. If using an offensive tactic as your defensive, Falcon would be vunerable to a lot of attacks. He's also an easy character to chain grab as well. If you put enough strain on the player, he'd press buttons harder, making him short jump less, due to him being nervous, and focusing on not losing. I've seen people use the knee religiously, and I was able to take them out easily with Jigglypuff since it's so easy to ready if that's your #1 attack. Overall, it really all depends on the player. Good job with the flash =D


I don't even wanna get started on the Mac/PC topic... Decent flash though, just not accurate. ^.^

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Mindless fun.

Easy controls, tons of people to kill, and a mic function. So now I can scream and look like an idiot to my friends while I kill plenty of pixels.

Got up to 46 xD

Simple, entertaining, and GREAT MUSIC! Hmm!!! I wonder who made it! xP

Good job ^_^

AmyMation responds:

Thanks, And good job in making the music it suited this perfectly!


I think I borked it. T.T

I tried putting 50 blues on the top, and 50 reds on the bottom. After that, it just froze lol

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how many rebirths can you have, my g? jk, the song sounds solid. solid build up and layering mixing seems on point as well.

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

Just 2....mainly because I really needed to remake this. LOL

I swear, I can tell I've come a very long way with my mixing (though still needs work).

The sample is dope, but it's not cut very well. On top of that, with the sample and the snare going over each other in the beginning, it sounds really off timing. then from there, it possibly gets worse by just filtering the main sample and added a few more pieces of percussion, yet not really making a solid beat to rap on. It has potential, but this seems like you were just really lazy with it. Keep working on it, imo.

From listen, what I could really tell is that MDJ sounds low on the beat, and Teq is recycling his flow from previous battles. Regardless, this is still a solid battle.

Firstly, MDJ comes in with a pretty solid verse. He comes with some decent personals, good over all flow, but lacks consistency with the volume of his voice. And though obviously his rhyme scheme isn't as complex as Teq's, he makes up for it personals. I just found it weird he called Teq out for no punchlines, then barely uses any himself. My main gripe with this verse is the delivery. This beat is fast paced, and Mark is sounding like he just woke up and went to do a session on the corner. I feel he just needs more presence on the beat, and needs to say shit with his chest.

Teq is basically doing what Teq does. Multi's everwhere. But since he's going in with multis, he is only able to fit in a few personals here and there. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely personals in the verse, but most of it is things that could be said to anyone. He went in trying to predict what Mark was going to use, and actually came up short with thinking Mark would use a gay line. I also find it ironic Teq would talk about guns (8 nines), but then gave me so much shit for doing it. Also, Teq needs to record his verses a different way, because the double up all the way through has gotten pretty repetitive.

I give this to Mark by a smidgen. Though when both used personals, ya'll really didn't do anything with them. Real lack of punch lines as well from both contenders. However, Mark is more consistent with personals, whereas Teq's seemed too general. To be honest though, if Teq were to go in switching his flow up from his comfort zone, I'd given it to him. But it really does sound like he's taking the core syllable count from previous verses, and just writes over it to new people.

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